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Kawir - Εξιλασμός (Gatefold LP)

Kawir - Εξιλασμός (Gatefold LP)

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Εξιλέωση/ atonement, is the religious ritual in order to receive a god's goodwill. All six songs of the album are inspired by Greek tragedies triggered by human mistakes:

Λυκάων and his sons gave Zeus human meat to eat and he transformed them to Λυκανθρώπους / werewolves.

Οιδίπους killed his father, married his mother and gave birth to 4 children.

Τάνταλος stole the nectar and the ambrosia of the gods and tried to give godly secrets to humans, in order to see if he could deceive the gods.

Θυέστια δείπνα Ατρέας, the twin brother of Θυέστης in order to avenge his for stealing his wife and his throne, he killed his sons and invited Θυέστης to dinner where he has served his dead son's fleshes as a feast.

Αγαμέμνονας was murdered by his wife's lover.

Ορέστης killed his father's (Αγαμέμνονας) murderers and in order to meet his atonement he brought the statue of goddess Άρτεμης from Ταυρίδα to Αθήνα.